Monday, 11 May 2015

I Can - D Blog Week 2015

I had promised myself that I would spend last weekend having a think about all my blog topics and really try and do them justice.
Instead, I forgot and now I'm tip typing away while I sit on a bus on my way into work.
I guess I'm supposed to feel empowered by this topic but I can't help but feel disemppwered. I think in a roundabout sort of way that's a good thing though. How will I know if I feel empowered unless I've felt the other side of it? The powerlessness of disempowerment? So I can't help but sit and think about all the times Diabetes has frustrated me, brought me to tears and that one time I threw my meter across the room.
After thinking all of this I take a step back in my mind, readjust my way of thinking and ponder all the things I'm proud of.
- My 4.5 year relationship and soon to be marriage (bring on March 2016!). I'm proud to have a healthy strong relationship where we can communicate effectively and have fun. And I have someone always offering snuggles after a crappy D day.
- My education. I have two degrees, one in Law and an honours degree in Classics. They represent my university years, my all nighters, my library sessions and a lot of hard work.
- My diabetes management. I spent a whole bunch of time trying to pretend I didn't have diabetes, ignoring the bsl's, the lethargy from high blood sugars and my health in general. About 3 years ago I finally started to be an active participant in my health, fast forward 3 years and I'm now rocking life with an insulin pump. My managment still isnt where I'd want it to be but I'm rocking my lowest A1c in 8 years.
All of these I'm damn proud of. They're all things I can, and have done!

Edit: I think I'm supposed to put the link to Karen's magic linky list of other blogs -  am currently blogging from cellphone so I can't put up the link but will next time I'm at the computer!