Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sometimes... you just need a cookie

Or in my case, three.

Three.... four, no five Mallow Puffs all in a row.

My oh my it was delicious.

I've been trying to tighten up on my eating and drinking habits lately. I do have a focus on healthy eating, trying to make sure I get enough of the good stuff in my diet. I've been making conscious choices to say no to that beer with dinner or picking a healthier take away option. My nurse educator said when she looked at one of my diet records that there was a little bit too much unhealthy stuff. Fried chicken is okay every now and again as a treat but I think at one point I had it three times in one week.

So I stopped that carry on! I think I've only had fried chicken once in the past month. Tonight would probably be the only time I've eaten that many mallow puffs in one go. It was right before dinner and I included them in my carb count. Two hours late and I'm testing at 6.7 mmol/l. Is this how I should be eating all the time? No.

Is it okay on occasion? Yes, If I ensure I carb count and inject appropriately for them.

Am I going to eat 5 Mallow puffs tomorrow? No and not just because I ran out.

But, in all seriousness, I'm a big believer in taking things as they come, one step at a time. For me, those mallow puffs were like a step sideways. Which is okay every now and again.