Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Cooking! And doing some food prep for the week.

I'm not quite sure how it happened but somehow I have become obsessed with food. I can spend hours pouring over recipe blogs, pinterest and websites like tastespotting. Being a diabetic, food plays a big part in my day to day life - I try to weigh my food as much as possible to ensure that I am carb counting correctly. Because I am reliant on a "good A1C" for continued pump funding it is important I am eating healthy food! I'm not someone who is big on restricting food or treats. I find that if my meals are home cooked,  they are in general healthier. I try to limit carbs but I am in no way a "Low Carber" - my meals tend to range between 40-70 carbs a meal. More if I'm having pasta or take aways.

More recently, I've been looking into  the idea of freezing cooking, food preparation and cooking in general. A few weekends ago I did the following food prep!

I made two meals of Lasagna. One I put in a foil container with the intention of freezing it. The other I put in my regular dish and made it that night. I also froze two portions of Saturday Nights meal and popped them in the freezer. I defrosted one of  the portions by putting it in the fridge the night before. Then at work I popped it in the microwave and it was delicious! The other portion I forgot to defrost, so left it out while I was at work, when it came to lunch time I put it on defrost for awhile and then on high but unfortunately there was one bit in the middle that was still cold.

At the beginning of the day I put my Corned Beef in the slow cooker, then did two batches of spicy paprika wedges. I seasoned and put them in the oven for about 25-35 mins. Then I waited for them to cool and I popped them into freezer bags. I made up two chicken dishes, one was a satay chicken and the other honey sesame chicken. I didn't really follow any particular recipe, just took inspiration from 3-4 different ones.

So there you have it!

2 X Lasagna

Corned Beef in slow cooker
Satay chicken
Honey Sesame Chicken
My kitchen looked a little a tornado had run through it!

I think prepping food is easy and fun. It can be time consuming but it means I have a whole bunch of healthy food on hand and stops me straying to those tempting fast food options!