Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Travels and Levels

Anddddd I'm back! At least for this post anyway. The past few months flew by and I found myself struggling to write on this blog. I'm not sure why. I love writing, I feel it's therapeutic for me. It's a way to get the mess of jumbled thoughts in my head out in a clear coherent manner. I'm currently in Fort Lauderdale, Florida after a fabulous 5.5 week holiday of the East Coast with my other half. After a short flight to Sydney, I stayed there for a night then flew 13 hours from Sydney to LAX. From LAX I flew another 4 hours to Chicago and met my wonderful, amazing, beautiful boyfriend who I hadn't seen in 5 months. I felt so happy and extremely exhausted by the time I saw him. Not gonna lie, there were tears. The long distance was worth it.

We spent a couple of days in Chicago then flew to New York and got lost amongst the high rise buildings. One crazy night was spent drinking Guinness and way too much beer at a German Oktoberfest style bar. From New York we picked up a campervan and travelled up to Boston, then all the way to Florida.

It's been fantastic and very tiring. The thing I don't enjoy about travelling is the stress of it all, I find it really gets to me and my sugars. Before I left NZ I was waking up with blood sugars of 11-13mmol/l. I tried to correct but I didn't want to get too crazy with upping my lantus or putting in a novorapid dose that would send my plunging into hypo level obscurity. Instead, I waited it out and injected correction doses with most meals.

In a surprising wonderful fashion my levels have been better than when I left NZ. I'm not finding anywhere near as many double digits as before. I'm looking forward to my next A1c, which I'm due for in about 2 - 3 weeks. Before I left it was 72 (or 8.7 % ) so I am really hoping it's down at least half a percent. I think the reason for my lower levels has been the increased activity, even the general walking around from sightseeing. I actually even went for a couple of runs! Exciting. Though, anyone who has been through NZ Customs will know I'm not looking forward to going through with my trail shoes. I'm planning on sorting out some sort of exercise regime when I get back to NZ and following through with it.

My levels seem to be a constant struggle for me but I'm happy because they're heading in the right direction.

The thing about Diabetes is that it is always there in the back of my head. Feeling better about my levels seems to help me feel better about who I am so I can only hope this sense of self ease continues. Stay tuned.