Sunday, 9 June 2013

Late night low ramblings

Knowing I can go downstairs and eat a delicious savoury quinoa muffin is a good thing. Knowing I'll have to be awake for the next hour or two as I watch my blood sugar come up to a reasonable level and making sure it stays there makes me sad.

I thought I'd be able to get away with not treating this as a low. I generally treat anything under 4 mmol/l as a low - so when I tested earlier on in the night at 6.5 mmol/l I was quite happy. However, as I finished watching the end of a Doctor Who episode I could feel my blood sugar dropping. After it finished I tested it and it was at 4 mmol/l - I could've got out of bed then and eaten my delicious muffin but I thought to myself, I'll test 2 more times and if the middle number is above 4 then I won't treat it like a hypo. Much to my dismay the other two numbers were 3.7 and 3.9 meaning it was time for some lollies.

To give some context to this particular night time low, my blood sugar was high before dinner. I won't say how high because I feel self conscious about sharing high numbers. One day when I feel the need to stop blaming myself for them, I might feel comfortable about sharing. Anyhow, my blood sugar was above 15mmol/l before dinner. Which resulted in a yikes from me. I took the required correction and carb dosage for dinner and was on my way. After dinner I had two chai lattes and a few bites of lemon and coconut cake). As previously mentioned my BSL was 6.5mmol/l at dinner. I think my downfall was the carb content of my evening meal. Rather, the lack of carbs was my downfall. Dinner was honey sesame chicken with stir fry vegies - delicious! However, the 45 minute walk I'd done earlier in the day apparently called for something more carby. I don't want to blame myself because I don't think it gets me anywhere, but I really should have known better. It would've been an easy fix to add some bread to my meal. Although now that I think about it, the two milk lattes I had after dinner should've been enough and maybe I'd overestimated on the carb bolus for dinner. This late night hypo could've been a lot of things and I need to keep in mind that I don't need to blame myself and second guess every thing I put in my mouth.

Ah, late night hypo ramblings. Always fun.