Sunday, 9 September 2012

A busy busy week

I've had a pretty full on week. I can't do any of it justice with my summary right now but just briefly - Monday - Study
Tuesday - Exam on Property Practice
Wednesday - Exam on Trust Accounting
Thursday - Exam on Commercial and Corporate Practice
Friday - Interviewing Clients Workshop & Travelling to Wanaka
Saturday/Sunday - Had my first experience skiing, and spent time in Wanaka, a popular NZ holiday destination.

All in all I'm a bit exhausted. 

As I've said before I'm trying to look after myself better. I have this go to move of not doing that when there are other things on my mind. So whenever I was stressed, busy, travelling it used to be that I would conveniently forget to look after my Diabetes. This was in different ways, eating less healthy food, injecting insulin probably too late to prevent a spike in BSL's, not testing etc. But this weekend and this week I have been trying to make a really concerted effort to ensure I knew what was going on with my Diabetes and I'm happy and healthier for it. 

I have this long list of blog post topics in my head and to it I will add talking about this week in detail!

Until next time,