Monday, 3 September 2012

Those pesky low blood sugars

I had one of those pesky lows last night. The ones that turn up at the most annoying of times.

I have exams coming up tomorrow - I'm undertaking my Legal Professionals Course, which in NZ translates to a 5 month course you do after graduating with your law degree. It turns you into an "actual grown up" lawyer. But in any event I've been spending the last wee while studying and making sure I remember everything! So, as I was finishing up the last of my study I noticed I was getting a head ache. I thought nothing of it and continued. I turned the light out and lay down to sleep.


My brain would not chill out. I felt my heart racing. I put it down to stress and tried to will my body to chill out. It didn't.

It suddenly occurred to me I might have a low blood sugar. And once that thought popped into my head I knew I was right. I checked.

1am = 2.8.

I lay there for a few minutes with this weird contemplation of ignoring it. It's an entirely stupid idea, but sometimes your brain just doesn't think straight. I eventually willed myself to get out of bed and get something from the kitchen. Laid back down, waited the 15 minutes and checked again.

1.15am = 3.4

Argh. Got back up again and retreated.

1.30am = 4.5

Got back up AGAIN and got myself a snack.

By that time I was thinking more coherently. It would have been much easier if I had just treated my hypo with the glucose tablets I had in my room instead of getting up and going to the kitchen three times. I could have gone once and just made myself a sandwich.

On a good note, I was happy to have noticed the hypo, I've been having too many lately that I haven't been feeling :S I'm hoping to get that sorted soon.

Sigh. So much for a good nights sleep.