Monday, 1 October 2012

Shakes? Apprehension? Hunger?

I'm currently passing the time until I can check my blood sugar again. I'm trying hard to obey the 15: 15 rule: Eat 15 grabs of sugar, wait 15 mins and then test. Except the juice box I have only has 13.1grams - how unhelpful! I have two flavours of juice - Orange and Mango which is 13grams and Blackcurrant which is 17grams. So I chose the Orange and Mango tonight because my level was 3.7, if it was under 3 I would've got the Blackcurrant. Anyone in New Zealand know of any juice boxes that are exactly 15?

I often get frustrated at these lows, the ones that are low enough to feel but not to be significant. Right now I have this weird feeling of apprehension and just generally not able to concentrate. It's quite bizarre because I've found a couple of times I find myself getting really scared, must be some sort of physical tension that being hypo does. I've often notice this fear or apprehension before the other symptoms.

Anyhow - Juice did the trick. I've bounced back up to 5.2 and writing this short post has given me something to do while waiting 15 mins!

Now I get to enjoy this delicious treat slash complex carb.

It's a peanut butter sandwich rolled up - Nom nom nom

I know a lot of people add something to peanut butter but I like it on its own. And I roll it up.

What crazy feelings have you guys had when you've gone low?

S xx