Tuesday, 21 August 2012

8 Glucose Tablets Later

I finally went and saw my GP who prescribed antibiotics. I'm pretty glad I went today to be honest. Even though I don't feel completely bed ridden (which is my definition of sick!), . I do feel exhausted. Bursting into tears at the Doctors was definitely a sign! I did make me stop and think about the last time I took antibiotics. Which I honestly can't remember? Maybe for this eye infection 6 or 7 years ago? I'm hardly ever sick.

She attempted to try and prescribe prednisone for my asthma but I wasn't really so keen to take it! She did say it would elevate my BSL's a bit. Anyone have any real experience on taking it? I just always remember being told not to. So I always try and refrain when GPs try and prescribe it to me.

The one thing being sick has done is send my BSLs on a rollercoaster. It goes something like this:
9am - 3.4 argh. (Time for sugar)
12pm - 15.1 (argh x2 Time for correction dose)
2pm - 12.8
3pm - 9.9
4pm - 7.9 (At this point I can feel myself getting lower so I decide to check fairly regularly)
4.15pm - 5.5 (Argh x3 - Stop dropping!)
4.30pm - 5.7 (PHEW)
6pm - 3.7 (At this point, I'm not even surprised. Grab my glucose and munch 4 tablets)
6.10 - 3.6 (4 more tablets)
6.20 - 4.1 (Banana time)

8 Glucose tablets later I'm finally out of hypo range. What a day. And I still have the night to go. This is why my body is feeling so bad. Rollercoaster BSL central anyone? I usually use La Vita Glucose tablets to treat lows.

But after eating 8 of them today It's probably not going to be financially viable for me to use these every time!

I'm determined to kick this sickness. So much so I've assembled an army of pills to attack it.

These are:
Flax oil pills
Birth control
Garlic/Vitamin C/Echinacea/Zinc combo pill
and lastly good old Ibuprofen.

Take that sickness!