Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Yes, I can eat chocolate.

I get sick of justifying what I eat to others around me. I get frustrated at others wanting to take care of me and losing my independence. So much so that I hide my Diabetes from others around me. I like it to be a private thing and something I keep close to my chest.

I really don't know why and how that happened. But I've realised recently that by hiding my diabetes I'm not embracing who I am.

I think I should stop doing that. And open up more to others. I don't mind talking about it, I love answering questions and teaching others. So I thought I would open up to the internet first. It seems easier that way. Writing a blog is a  way for me to be motivated to keep a record of my levels. And ensure that I'm taking all my insulin at the right time and eating enough. I've been down the track of DKA and it is not something I plan on doing again. But, for right now - the 14th of August I'm sitting at a  healthy 4.5 and I'm happy with that. I'm not the most on to it person when it comes to checking my levels! So for my own information. This is where I've been at today.

9am 2.6

8pm - Dinner 8.5
11.00pm 3.1

Now - 4.5

I don't know why I've been so low today. But I did eat a bunch of biscuits at  lunch/afternoon tea and then take extra insulin to cover it. Which is okay in itself. What I should have done was tested and corrected instead of guessing. But I really don't like seeing bad numbers on my meter! :S

I'm going to start being true to myself and my diabetes. Taking more readings is probably the first step.

I'm getting there.