Friday, 24 August 2012

Feeling a lot better

I feel a lot better than I did last time I posted. I even had to go back and fix some of the grammar issues from the last post. Pretty glad I was sick though, it really made me get my act together and start to look after myself more. Testing on a regular basis hasn't exactly been my strong point. I've spent the last few years being really really slack. And it's shown. My last HBA1C was 11 and that terrified me. I remember the Doctor not seeming too angry though which I was thankful for. He was pretty straight up about it. Something along the lines of.. "So, what's been happening, this is too high. You need to get back on track." That's the sort of Doctor I need, someone who is straight and to the point without feeling the need to lecture me.

So over the past 6 months I have been making an effort. Sort of. I felt the Diabetic Burnout take over me quite a bit. But gradually I'm starting to look after myself more and more. And when a friend of mine was diagnosed a couple of months ago I really got a kick start into looking after myself. And so, when this sickness hit I really started to test every a bazillion times a day. I got in touch with the Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Hospital. I started taking food diaries and making a real attempt to carb count - previously I operated on a guestimation system. I feel happier and just generally able to handle this cough/chest infection I have knowing my levels are settling down and getting under control.

Meanwhile, one of the best things about being sick is breakfast in bed :)